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Back from the...well...not really *dead*, per se... Attn: Nina

"Take it easy... and keep an eye on this one." He squeezes my shoulder as he goes by and I walk to sit on the table again, putting a hand on Jack's arm and rubbing lightly, hoping that he comes to soon, and isn't in so much pain. [You're going soft, Myers. This is not the time or the place, and especially not the person to do that around.]

Unconsciousness is extremely welcome, and my body basks in the neutrality, allowing me some downtime, to rest my aching bones and still my twitching muscles. I always had been active, even as a child, my parents barely unable to keep me still long enough to sit and eat a meal. I was always interested in what was coming next, where I was going, what I was to do when I got there. I guess at birth my attention span got truncated, somewhere along the line. It helps, in my line of work, in a constant state of readiness for the three steps ahead of you. But not when all you really need to do is rest. Only total unconsciousness can provide that.

When my eyes finally slip open again, the pain is gone, and I'm feeling a whooole lot better. I look around, dazed, then spot Nina. Ah, Nina. Wonderful, helpful, always there Nina. I give her a big smile, because I reckon she deserves one.

"Hellooo Nina." I murmur, rubbing my eyes with a hand that seems to be moving slower than usual. "What'sup?" I can feel the slur under my tongue, but I don't have the energy to correct it, and besides, it's difficult not to slur when your mouth is sagged into the dopiest smile you can think of. "You don' look too good, Nina. Whasamatter?"
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