Jack Bauer (jack_bauer) wrote in 24rpg,
Jack Bauer

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Not very smart. Attn: Nina

"Hey, hey...shhhhhhhhh..." I say, eyes wide with surprise at how violently he woke up. "You're okay, Jack. Just take a few deep breaths, calm down. Let me get you some water." I just want to get him calmed down, but he's got a death grip on my wrists so I can't really do much.

Shaking terribly, I look around the office, the environment seeming cold and strangely alien to me. When I turn back to Nina, that's when the pain hits me and I growl, both hands going to clutch my thigh as I fall back down to lie on my back. Sitting up quickly clearly wasn't a smart thing to do. I writhe onto my front, biting down on the cushion and pushing the strangled noises of pain away.
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