Nina Myers (nina_myers) wrote in 24rpg,
Nina Myers

Holy cow... attn: Jack

The scream finally bursts from me and my eyes slam open, body lurching into sitting upright. My hands clamp around Nina's wrists before they know what's there, clinging on tightly, my breath panting from my lungs. The dream's still there, tickling at the back of my mind, and I manage to not break down in front of her, my face slowly curling through misery, trying to get back to neutral, fear dancing in my eyes.

"Hey, hey...shhhhhhhhh..." I say, eyes wide with surprise at how violently he woke up. "You're okay, Jack. Just take a few deep breaths, calm down. Let me get you some water." I just want to get him calmed down, but he's got a death grip on my wrists so I can't really do much.
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