Nina Myers (nina_myers) wrote in 24rpg,
Nina Myers

This can't be... att: Teddy and/Jack

I hear Teddy add the bit about the laptop and grab a kit with a laptop on my way over there. Balancing with the kit, I make it up there, slipping past the paramedic, kneeling beside Teddy. "What's up?"

Shit this was to weird, I reached down grabbing the badge from his pocket I let my eyes wander over it. It was Seth’s alright, but the face didn’t match the picture, it was similar. I looked back to Nina as she climbed up here. I had a chest holster on now, the m9 hung it. I had a radio on the corner of my shoulder to man it with one hand. I tossed her the badge with one hand.

Catching the badge in one hand, I look at it, then do a doubletake. "This is one of Seth's old badges," I mutter, frowning and setting the laptop down.

"He looks like Seth, but he cant be Seth, because jacko sent Seth to prison. So unless you got a clone, im not sure who the hell this guy is?" I looked over his face once more, the lights still coming onto full strength one by one. "We need to talk to Seth." It killed me to say that, I raised a brow looking up to her. "I want to be the one to talk to him."

Rubbing my forehead, I nod. I don't really have anyone else I can spare. Hell, I can't spare Teddy, but if there's anyone who can get Seth to talk, it'll be him.

"Fine...let me go get the orders drawn up. I'll send them over and you can head out to the prison ASAP."

I speak quietly with the medic, giving him instructions on where to take the gunman, and then nod to Teddy as I head down the ladder, hurrying back to my workstation. I get him cleared to visit Seth and send one of the agents who is looking to help to take it over to him at the warehouwse, where he was keeping the scene secure.

Picking up the radio, I call to him, letting him know it's on the way and he's been cleared to leave, even with the lockdown. Things are secure and I go upstairs to Jack's office, knocking quietly and then walking into the office. "Jack?" I call quietly, unsure if he's awake.
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