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After what seems like a month spent in traffic I finally made it to see Seth. Upon entering the prison I check over my gun and slid across the small opening beneath the bullet proof glass. In exchange for my berretta I am slid an Identification Badge. Taking it slowly with one hand I look it over carefully, making sure my clearance levels have been taken care of. They are, Ill remember to Thank Nina when I get back to CTU.

I slowly head past the check desk and make my way to my facility liaison.

“Agent Hanilin, I’m Jonathon Baily.” The man in the suit extended his hand to me, I force a smile and grin, I already don’t like this guy but sometimes we don’t have choices.

“Teddy Hanlin, you’ve been Briefed on our situation?”

“Somewhat, I hope you had more information.”

“I cant tell you more then you already have.” I respond to him.

He handed me a clipboard understanding that my hands were as tied as his were. He led me to an integration room, I slid pen the door and smiled to Seth seeing across the table as Baily fallowed behind me. “Seth, wish the circumstances were a little better.”
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September 1 2004, 16:09:48 UTC 12 years ago

New On-line RPG game..
this would all sound better if you told your characters from a third person view. Other than first.. But, who am i to critisize..


July 9 2005, 21:20:55 UTC 12 years ago

Here is a very awesome Harry Potter RPG with incredible schemes and a very active community. Set in a Tri-Wizard Tournament setting.


Put Johnny Jones as your referer. And then PM me once you sign up.