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Finally calming down attn: Anyone at CTU

I've found a relatively splatter-free workstation and have started to work on slowly bringing the sectors of the network down from their lockdown protocol. Even after Nina entered the code to relax the lockdown level, this part had to be taken care of manually. Level two is still pretty tight, security-wise, but it's a lot more open than the level four protocol. At least this way, we can exchange and share files across the network within the building, and with designated machines over at Division. Back-ups can be accomplished.

Morbidly enough, my first task is to back-up and secure the workstations for the agents who were down. On one wall, there's a make-shift memorial that grew as the names were posted of the agents who had lost their life. A mosaic of post-it notes now covered the wall, with personal messages for the ones who were gone. Someone had made a page for each person with their name, the date they started at CTU, and today's date as their End of Watch. For all the complaints Division had about CTU and how things were run, it's pretty obvious that this place is a team...no, a family, and that they take care of their own, as well as taking care of the world.

As I start to work, I glance over at Tony now and then. He's favoring his injured arm, but he's still hard at work and I admire him for it. My concentration shifts gears however and soon, I'm concentrating intently on the work at hand, moving through each task quickly and efficiently until the next one comes my way.

Word of the second shooter and the incident with Jack, Nina and Teddy spreads quickly through the office as it's reported. The timing couldn't have been worse, either...just as we had all reached a level of relative comfort that we were once again safe here, this happened.

It was tense as they brought Jack back in, performing meatball surgery on him in the middle of this room. But he was going to be alright, and they had the shooter, so slowly, things were getting back to normal. Sneaking one more glance over at Tony, I resume my work, tying up loose ends.
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