Nina Myers (nina_myers) wrote in 24rpg,
Nina Myers

They obviously gave you the good stuff... attn: Jack

"Pain?" I shake my head, then chuckle. "Noooo. No pain. I'mdoinjusfine." I push to sit up, fighting with some cushions behind me until I'm propped up, head tipped to one side, watching Nina curiously. "So whas goin' on?" I rub my eyes, then yawn loudly. "You're sittin' in my office. That usually means I'm in some kinda trouble."

I give him a smile. "No, you're not in trouble, at least not this time," I tease. "I just wanted to make sure you were okay. You were in quite a bit of pain after the shooting, but apparently, whatever they've given you has worked well. I'm glad. You should get some rest," I add, reaching over and pushing his hair out of his eyes, having watched him try to do so with furious blinking.

"Just lay back and rest, Jack."
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