Nina Myers (nina_myers) wrote in 24rpg,
Nina Myers

You're feelin' *no* pain, huh, Jack? attn; Jack

When my eyes finally slip open again, the pain is gone, and I'm feeling a whooole lot better. I look around, dazed, then spot Nina. Ah, Nina. Wonderful, helpful, always there Nina. I give her a big smile, because I reckon she deserves one.

Watching Jack's eyes flutter and then open fills me with a welcome sense of relief. As long as I can get him to rest, he should pull past this. Of course, that's always easier said then done. He smiles, and then opens his mouth to talk and I'm ready with the counter-objections to his arguments for getting up and doing work.

"Hellooo Nina." I murmur, rubbing my eyes with a hand that seems to be moving slower than usual. "What'sup?" I can feel the slur under my tongue, but I don't have the energy to correct it, and besides, it's difficult not to slur when your mouth is sagged into the dopiest smile you can think of. "You don' look too good, Nina. Whasamatter?"

Imagine my surprise. He's too damn doped to even ask to work. Fine by me. I manage a ragged smile. "I'm okay, Jack. How are you? Are you in pain?
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