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Just hang in there... attn: Jack

"Well, it's not like I fucking *want* to be in this much pain, is it?" I snap unnecessarily as another wave of pain courses down my leg. "Ahhh...shit, I'm sorry, Nina." I manage to grunt. "What the...holy..." I groan, and then things swirl into blackness as I pass out again.

When he slumps onto the couch, lifeless, I immediately am on my feet and looking for help. Running down the stairs and skid and stumble as my feet stick to the floor. "Goddamnit!" I hiss under my breath, regrouping and heading for the triage area. Finding the medic who worked on Jack, I grab his arm.

"Up-upstairs," I gasp, out of breath. "Agent Bauer, he's passed out, he was holding his leg, complaining of extreme pain." Eyes wide with worry, I wait while the medic grabs his kit and then lead him quickly back up to Jack's office, standing back, watching anxiously while he tends to Jack.

Finally, he turns, standing up and taking off his exam gloves. "There's another round lodged in there, and near as I can tell, it was pressing against a nerve, pinching it and causing Jack an extreme amount of pain. I'd remove it, but I can't do that here. It's not life-threatening and I've managed to shift it enough that it shouldn't cause any more compression."

I nod, taking this all in. "Thank you, Chuck."

"I've given him some more medication, and when he wakes up, he might be a bit on the loopy side."

I manage a slight grin. "Alright, I'll keep that in mind."

"Take it easy... and keep an eye on this one." He squeezes my shoulder as he goes by and I walk to sit on the table again, putting a hand on Jack's arm and rubbing lightly, hoping that he comes to soon, and isn't in so much pain. [You're going soft, Myers. This is not the time or the place, and especially not the person to do that around.]
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