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Resting. Attn: Nina

Picking up the radio, I call to him, letting him know it's on the way and he's been cleared to leave, even with the lockdown. Things are secure and I go upstairs to Jack's office, knocking quietly and then walking into the office. "Jack?" I call quietly, unsure if he's awake.

I'd fallen asleep on a stretcher out in the hall, and woken up in my office, under a blanket on the couch. This absolutely needs to happen more often. I need people to deliver me everywhere. That'd be great.

Apparently, I'm also quite drugged.

I stare at the light in the ceiling for a while, my eyes blurring out before sliding closed again as I drift in and out of sleep, comfortable against the pain, just a dull thumping ache down my side to keep me aware. Hearing Nina's voice, I shift onto my side, then regret it and roll onto my back once again, tucked under the blanket, unwilling to wake up just yet, but knowing that I'll have to sooner than later.
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