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Reunion tour Att: nina

Shit this was to weird, I reached down grabbing the badge from his pocket I let my eyes wander over it. It was Seth’s alright, but the face didn’t match the picture, it was similar. I looked back to Nina as she climbed up here. I had a chest holster on now, the m9 hung it. I had a radio on the corner of my shoulder to man it with one hand. I tossed her the badge with one hand.

I hear Teddy add the bit about the laptop and grab a kit with a laptop on my way over there. Balancing with the kit, I make it up there, slipping past the paramedic, kneeling beside Teddy. "What's up?"

“ He looks like Seth, but he cant be Seth, because jacko sent Seth to prison. So unless you got a clone, im not sure who the hell this guy is?” I looked over his face once more, the lights still coming onto full strength one by one. “ We need to talk to Seth.” It killed me to say that, I raised a brow looking up to her. “I want to be the one to talk to him.”
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